Support Us

Support Us

As a charitable, non-profit makingorganisation, PersatuanHemodialisisKinabalu, Sabah (PHKS) depends on public generosity and corporate funding to provide affordable dialysis treatment to all our patients who are from the lower income group.

However, with more charities being registered each year, the available funds are stretched to the limit, resulting in PHKS having to increase the number of its fundraising activities.

We cannot do it alone, and we desperately need your help. If you are unable to make a direct donation, then please help us by organising various fundraising projects and activities.

Together, we can help more patients benefit from our healthcare activities. Your money helps us save lives.

Where your money goes?


  • Subsidised dialysis treatments for the poor and needy
  • Sustain and maintenance of dialysis machines
  • FREE blood tests
  • FREE injections needed by patients
  • FREE medical consultation to our patients


  • Talks, Exhibitions &Awareness Programme
    • Early detection is key to saving lives
    • Signs and symptoms of kidney disease
    • How to prevent kidney disease
    • Counseling and advice

What fundraising challenge doesPHKS faces?

Unlike some other ailments, kidney disease is a silent killer and most victims do not even know they have a problem until their kidneys fail. Hence, the public is often unaware of the seriousness of the problem, and therein lies our difficulty in raising funds.

What is the NKF's fundraising strategy?

Public education is the backbone of all our fundraising activities. By informing the public of the preventive and management aspects of kidney diseases, we can create greater awareness of the financial burden that kidney diseases place on the patient. If we can achieve this, the public will be more sympathetic to our cause and assist us by making regular donations. Most importantly, we strive to build relationships with individuals and corporations that are willing to "adopt" PHKS and support our work on a long-term basis.

How can the public contribute to the NKF?

You can help us not just by donating money but by contributing fundraising ideas or joining hands with us to organise fundraising projects and create awareness of kidney diseases and kidney failure.

Shopping complexes, hotels and sports clubs can assist by providing us venues to hold events or help sponsor the entire event with gifts or prizes. The public can contribute by participating in our activities or by signing up as volunteers to assist us during various awareness campaigns and fundraising projects.


Payment Method

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad



Name : PersatuanHemodialisisKinabalu, Sabah

Account No : 10039-0-01-003767-9




Public Bank Berhad

Name : PersatuanHemodialisisKinabalu, Sabah

Account No : 3148191710



Cheque& other methods

*Please send/fax the bank-in sliptogether with this form to 088 272 275

Coin Boxes

Introducing PHKS “Adopt PHKS Coin Box” Please help us raise funds by adopting the PHKS coin box.

PHKS personnel will collect coins in the box monthly and bank-in to PHKS bank account.

Your support and participation in this initiative would help us sustain our dialysis operations, maintain 8 dialysis machines, subsidise dialysis treatments and injectionsfor our patients, 100% of whom are unemployed due to the long hours and effects of dialysis treatment.

Our patients undergo four (4) hours of dialysis treatment – every alternate day, 3 times a week – for life.

Please email us at or call us at 088 272 277 to adopt one or more of the coin boxes.

Thank you very much for supporting our mission in giving hope and saving lives.